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Papyrs Updates & Improvements – November 2014

Another quick update with some new features and improvements we’ve been adding to Papyrs recently:

Navigation Widget — Show recent pages

The navigation widget allows you to add dynamic navigation to other pages, categories and users on your pages. One of the options is to show all pages in a certain category or with a given tag. Another option is to only show recent pages; the 10 most recently updated pages, for example. Some of you were looking for the combination of those two: showing the newest pages within a certain category or tag. This is very useful if you’re creating news or blog post pages, for example, storing them all in a category like “News”, and then want to show a list of the latest news pages on the homepage. With this new update that’s now possible, and you can find the new option in the page navigation dialog:


Paste tables

Although this one is not very visible, it will hopefully save you some time when you need to copy data from another table to your Papyrs page. When you’ve copied table data to your clipboard, insert a table widget on your Papyrs page, and then paste (Ctrl/Cmd+V). For example, copying a table on world languages from Wikipedia:


Improved uploading files from Google Drive

If you’re using Papyrs for Google Apps, you might have noticed we improved the file picker when attaching files from your domain’s Google Drive to Papyrs.

When you add an Attachment to the page, select from Google Apps…


Like before, you can now search for files to add to your page. The new option is to browse your files using Google Drive’s new file picker. Click “Browse Google Apps files…” and you can browse and select the file (or multiple files, using Ctrl+click). You can also navigate Drive folders in the new file browser, making it easier to find the file you’re looking for.


Notifications on updated form entries

If you subscribed to notifications for a form page, Papyrs sends out a notification when a new form is submitted. With this new update, Papyrs also sends out a notification when a form entry (which you can access) is updated. For example, when someone corrects a form entry, you’ll get a notification like this:



We’ve also been working on many other improvements behind the scenes, like performance updates for larger pages. We hope you’ll like these updates and we’ll have some more visible updates to share with you again soon!

Thanks for using Papyrs!

How CentricDigital is using Papyrs to boost productivity

We recently talked with CentricDigital about their fast growth, their challenges, and how Papyrs helps them improve productivity.


Centric Digital is a digital transformation company that reshapes business models and customer experiences to help traditional businesses grow in an increasingly digital society. Recently ranked #34 on the Inc 500 and named fastest growing company in New York City by Inc. Magazine, Centric Digital fuses management consulting rigor, digital acumen and startup creativity to raise the bar in digital solutions and services. Headquartered in New York, Centric Digital has 160+ team members in the US and worldwide including Argentina, Australia, Hungary and India.


It was hard to communicate across teams and to host internal documents and announcements. Because of Centric Digital’s tiered structure of employees, freelancers and contractor roles, they needed a system to deliver customized messages and information to select individuals. With new contractors or employees joining the company regularly, it’s important to manage access to the information easily.

“We needed a one stop solution for all company wide information/policy/procedures/processes that could also be accessed by new employees, rather than depending on emails that would vanish after being sent,” says Brian Manning, President & Chief Digital Officer at Centric Digital. In order to meet this challenge, Centric Digital started looking for a cloud based solution.


“Papyrs is used as our all encompassing intranet, replacing the needs for employee manuals, process documentation, on-boarding processes, company information, etc.”, says Manning. “Customizing and building our own forms and documents allows for consistent branding across all internal communications.”

Read the full case study here (PDF)

(Also interested in sharing your story in a case study? Let us know!.)