Monthly Archives: September 2013

New Feature – Move pages and categories with drag & drop

Another quick update today: we’ve now added the ability to quickly move pages between categories, as well as moving categories themselves.

Move pages

To reorganize your pages and categories, go to the Pages overview, and select By Category. You’ll now find a little drag handle on the right side of each page. To move a page to another category, just drag the page by its handle, and drop it on one of the categories in the category tree on the left. Note that users can only move a page if they are the creator of the page, or an administrator.

Move categories

We’ve also made it easier to quickly re-arrange your category structure, without having to change the category for each page individually. In the Pages – By Category overview, click the “move categories” link (note that this option is only available for administrators). You can now drag a category in the category tree, and drop it onto another category. For example, we can move the “HR Forms” category to the “Employees” category: all pages and sub-categories of HR Forms are now moved to Employees.

Moving a category - example

We hope you like the new feature, more soon!

New Feature — Tags

Today we’re introducing another way to organize your pages: tags. With categories you can already hierarchically structure your pages, just like folders on your PC or Mac. Sometimes however, you might want to group, search and browse pages by additional keywords. This is where tags come in. You can assign multiple tags to each page, so that allows you to browse and find pages by all kinds of keywords. For example, you could add tags to describe some status, responsibility, status, type of document, and so on.

To add tags to a page, go the page’s Page Settings, and click the add tags link:

Click to add tags

Just enter a list of tags, separated by commas, or select existing tags from the dropdown menu.

Edit tags

You can browse tags by pages under the Pages Overview:

Pages Overview, by Tag

Administrators can also delete and rename tags. Note: unlike categories, which are only visible if a user has access to at least one of its pages, all tags are visible to all users in your team. As always, the pages within the tags are of course only visible to people who can access them.

Just like categories, you can also pin a collection of pages with a certain tag to the menu bar. Just go the menu editor, and add a Tag Menu.

Tags menu

We hope you like the new tags feature, more is coming soon!