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People selection on interactive forms

Most pages in Papyrs contain important information, news, links, comments and files you wish to share within your organization. Other useful elements you can add to pages include interactive online form widgets to collect information and process requests.

Adding a form on a page is as simple as adding a picture: in the editor, just drag&drop the form elements on your page. One of the available form widgets is called the Form User widget. It allows people to select someone from your company as part of filling out the form. For example, someone could select their manager when filling out a travel expense reimbursement form:


Sometimes people should only be able to pick from a specific group of users, like Managers in this example. We’ve just added an extra option to the Form User widget which makes this possible: just edit the widget, and select the group filter from the “Allow selection from” option:


Linking to page sections and Table of Contents

Heading widgets are useful to split longer pages up in different sections. Each heading on a page in Papyrs will automatically get its own link, so you can link directly to that particular section.

One way to add links to headings of different sections on your page is to add a Table of Contents. To do this, edit the page, drag a Navigation widget to your page, and select Table of Contents. The Table of Contents will automatically add (and update) links to all headings on your page.



You might also want to add a link from one page to a particular section on another page. To find the hyperlink of the section you want to link to, simply click on its heading. After clicking on a heading, the URL in the address bar will change to the address of the heading, and you can simply copy & paste.


Staff groups improvements

The people directory displays all the staff members on your Papyrs intranet/wiki site. Groups make it easier to find people, manage their permissions, and share updates with them from the activity stream. We’ve added a new shortcut that makes it easier to (re)assign people to groups. Administrators could do this by clicking on someone in the People Directory, and then selecting Set Groups. It’s now also possible to directly assign people from the Edit Group dialog:


Click Edit Group


.. and then select members

We hope you find it useful. As always, more improvements are on the way. Happy intranetting!

Restore pages from Trash

Quick update to the Pages overview screen. We’ve just introduced a Trash section, which makes it easier to restore accidentally deleted pages.

If you no longer need a page for some reason, just click Move to Trash from its Page > Page Settings dialog. If the page was more brilliant than you initially realized, you can easily restore it by going to the Pages overview and clicking on the new Trash section. Pages deleted within the last 30 days can be restored from here. You can only restore pages that you had edit rights to.


Made some rather embarrassing mistake on that last page you deleted? Not to worry. Papyrs will permanently remove the page from the Trash if you click the X button icon on the right side in the Trash section (or automatically after 30 days).


More updates coming soon.