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Access Papyrs from your own domain

When people sign up for a Papyrs intranet site they get their own subdomain by default: You can also access your site from a custom domain, like This is much nicer (and certainly easier to remember for your coworkers). There was a downside, though: an SSL security certificate is needed to encrypt the connection to the custom domain, and getting one signed could be a complicated process. You would have to download a signing request from us, then purchase an SSL certificate from a 3rd party vendor, then provide the signing request to the certificate authority, and then you would have to send the signed certificate files to us. It worked, but it was just too complicated.

Out with the old; in with the new

We can now issue SSL certificates on behalf of our customers. This means that moving your Papyrs site to your own domain has never never been easier. It’s just a matter of updating the subdomain of your choosing to the Papyrs service (DNS update) and we take care of everything else!

  1. Decide on a subdomain name you would like to use, for example (you need to be owner of this domain).
  2. Change the DNS settings of your subdomain to point it to the address of the Papyrs servers. You can do this by adding a CNAME record to the DNS zone file. Point the CNAME to
    • Some DNS providers require the . (dot) at the end, others don’t
    • Just to be clear: we literally mean here, so don’t replace “custom” with your account name.
      If there is an existing A record for your subdomain, remove it so only the CNAME to remains.
  3. Fill out the form at Your new domain should get activated within 24 hours, and the transition will not involve any downtime.

(Available for Papyrs Business customers and above. For more info see White Label documentation)

Editor Command Palette

We’ve released a new feature today for the editor in Papyrs, called the Command Palette:

If you’re already familiar with the concept from desktop applications, it works the same here: the Command Palette is a dialog where you can quickly find and select the most common editor commands. Simply open the dialog by pressing Ctrl+/ (or Cmd+/ on Mac), and find commands by just typing a few letters. This way you can edit Papyrs documents without ever touching the mouse. For example, to insert a Large heading, just type Ctrl+/ h2.

The Command Palette will also show you if additional keyboard shortcuts are available. For example, we’ve added a way to easily jump between widgets in the editor using Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down.

New pages overview

As part of a redesign we’re working on a refresh of many of Papyrs’ screens. One of the updated screens is the Pages overview, where you can quickly find all pages you can access on your Papyrs intranet wiki site. Next to a visual refresh, the new overview makes it easier to search, filter, browse, and reorganize pages. Some sites have already been upgraded to the new pages overview, and we’ll be rolling it out to other accounts soon.

New Feature: embed PDF documents in Papyrs

A new feature in Papyrs makes it really easy to embed PDF files directly on your pages.

When you drag a Media/Widget to your Papyrs page you’ll see a new button for PDF files:

Just upload the file and you’re set:

You can upload multiple PDF files on a page, and PDF files are automatically indexed for easy searching! In addition PDF files can be downloaded and printed directly from the Papyrs page.

Embed Google Suite Content

You can still embed Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Charts onto Papyrs pages. For more info about that see the Papyrs & Google Suite documentation.