October updates

One of the updates we’ve released this month makes it easier to add and edit image galleries. The updated dialog includes a new option which will automatically adjust the images so they fit best on your page.

We’ve also made it easier to add or remove captions. When editing a page, just click on an image and a pop-up will show you the following options:

These are just some of the updates we’ve been working on, more is coming soon!

Forms update

Using the page editor, you can add form fields directly to your pages to collect data and process requests on your Papyrs intranet.

We’ve recently released a couple of updates to the form records view, including an updated design, a quick find-as-you-type search, and sticky headers and scrollbars to make it easy to navigate large tables.

We hope you like these updates!

How Papyrs Helps Ridestore Manage Their Remote Team to Focus on Customer Experience

Ridestore is a fast-growing company in snow e-commerce. Next to offering familiar brands such as Adidas and Nike, they also created their own DopeSnow and Montec brands in collaboration with their customers in the snow wear community.

We talked to David at Ridestore about how they use Papyrs to enable everyone in their remote team to have access to all the information they need to be productive. Without having to ask around for pieces of vital information, the team can put all their focus on providing great customer service.

“Before Papyrs, we always needed to have someone available to answer to questions. Now, new crew members only have to check our intranet.”
— David Voge, Content Marketing Leader, Ridestore

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Adding Files from G Suite

The Attachment widget in Papyrs can be used to upload files to pages, like PDFs, Office documents or anything else you want to share with co-workers. You can upload files directly from your computer with drag&drop. For those of you using Papyrs together with G Suite, we wanted to share a quick update to the Attachment widget: next to files from your PC and Google Drive, you can now also add files from Team Drives. Just edit a page, add an Attachment widget, select the From G Suite Drives tab, and click Browse files.

Emoji and Icons in Papyrs

Icons are a great way to make navigation easier and make your pages look nicer. You can use them in places like headings and the menu bar.


The icons will automatically show in the color of your theme to match your site’s branding.


Next to icons, it’s now also possible to use emojis everywhere in Papyrs. You can use them in pages and comments, for example.

On mobile devices, simply use the keyboard:


On macOS, you can bring up the emoji keyboard with the shortcut Control+Command (⌘)+Space. On Windows, press Win + . (period) to bring up the emoji keyboard when editing.


You can even use them in usernames. For example, one of our users on the site is a bot integrating with other software which automatically posts new updates (using the API):